Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My take on it

Okay, this is my review of American Idol last night. I got two hours of crocheting done, but then realized that I did it wrong. Bother.

Last night's theme was Lennon/McCartney songs. I had a feeling this was going to be bad.

Syesha Mercado ~ "Got To Get You Into My Life"
Eh, not bad I guess, just not my thing...I rounded up my crocheting stuff while she was singing. *shrug*

Chikezie ~"She's A Woman"
I'm not a big fan of Chikezie, but I rather enjoyed this, it was fun to watch anyway! The thing that bugged me the most was the fact that his wristband and vest matched, but not his tie. Aahh! And Ryan bouncing around the stage was rather disturbing.

Ramiele Malubay ~ "In My Life"
*yawn* Oh, was she any good? I fell asleep.

Jason Castro ~"If I Fell"
And that didn't wake me up either. I like Jason, but he needs to change it up a bit.

Carly Smithson ~"Come Together"
Now that was interesting...although I think she messed up the lyrics. "Got to be good-lookin', cause he's so hard to see" comes after the last verse, not the one she sang it after.

David Cook ~"Eleanor Rigby"
Ah, now this I liked. It was a slightly strange arrangement, but it came off well. I voted for David last night. And either they have more phone lines this year, or no one else was voting for him, because I got through 60 times and it only took about 5 minutes of my time.

Brooke White ~"Let It Be"
Hmm...I like her, but that was a little boring.

David Hernandez ~"I Saw Her Standing There"
He worked in a "pizza bistro", huh? That's not what I heard.
Cheesy, very cheesy, and he looked terrified.

Amanda Overmyer ~"You Can't Do That"
I didn't understand a word she said!

Michael Johns ~"Across The Universe"
I keep expecting him to be better, but he always falls just short of being good. Strange.

Kristi Lee Cook ~"Eight Days A Week"
Ah, uh, hmm. I was laughing half the time, and shaking my head sadly the other half. Country dear.

David Archuleta ~"We Can Work It Out"
Aaaahhhhhhh! Okay, I take that back, Kristi wasn't too bad after all. Not compared to that. If you didn't watch the show, I'm sure you can find a video on YouTube of David A. and you can see how he licks his lips after every phrase he sings, and giggles nervously every five seconds when he's not singing. Just whatever you do, do not come back here and say that he's so adorable, and you just want to pat him on the head and give him a hug, because if you do so, I guarantee that you will hear me screaming, no matter how far away you live.

I'm just saying.

David tells us that he really likes this song. So did I. "Did" being the important word there. That was just, just....I'm speechless. *Runs to find an mp3*

Ah, much better: We Can Work It Out


Beth said...

"And I got fired from my job at a pizza bistro...because, see, I was working at a pizza bistro...and after I got off work at the pizza bistro I would go sing...and here I am now and I'm going to dance all over this stage in as heterosexual a way as I can manage...see me interacting with the girls in the audience? See, I was dancing right near them and everything! Because I used to work in a pizza bistro, so I really know what the women like..."

rebecca said...

I agree with almost all of this...I didn't notice Carly changing any words but for some reason David Cook saying "wearing his socks" instead of "darning his socks" was amusing to me...

David A's lip-licking annoys me as well. And I am not in the habit of patting guys' heads...

Natalie said...

He did say "wearing" instead of "darning" didn't he?! Maybe he figured no one understands what that means?

And I am not in the habit of patting guys' heads...

You're not?!?!! :P

Beth said...

Maybe he thinks "darning" your socks means cussing them out?

Related but off-topic bit of trivia: When your Grandpa B married your Grandma B he presented her with a box of socks with holes in them that he had been saving up till he had a wife to darn them for him.

Today's lesson for young ladies: if a guy is still single at 30, there might be a reason.

rebecca said...


I can't believe I just said that. I'm a little hyper today.

Uncle Jim said...

"Today's lesson for young ladies: if a guy is still single at 30, there might be a reason."

Of course, that advice can be just as appropriate when given to the young gentlemen... "if she's still single at 30, there might be a reason."

Methinks that the baggage brought to this particular union contained far more than holey socks.

Obviously a professional critic said...

I think that David A's problem is that he is a bit overwhelmed. In the early stages he did well because while it was big stage it was still small. Now he is finally under the spotlight and since two weeks running he hasn't done that well its starting to get to him.

He can sing, and I agree the giggling voice thing is getting old I want to stop hearing "giggle giggle thank you!" comprehensive sentences please, yes you have many colors according to Paula (who also wants to squeeze your head off) so why not show them instead of the same boring stuff each week...

/End mini-rant

rebecca said...

I liked when David H. finished singing and Paula was like, "I love your voice!" and David was like, "I love you too!"

the toothfairy said...

David Archuleta is so adorable! I just want to pat him on the head and give him a hug!

the toothfairy said...

Did you scream?

Natalie said...

No, I was holding pins in my mouth! :D

Hi, Hannah and Maria, and...Zoe?

the toothfairy said...

Whaaa...? I don't even know somone named Zoe!