Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Coffee and Easter

All about the meaning of coffee at Easter, and its relationship with the traditions of... No, not really. Just two of the subjects I mention in this post. Sorry, were you hoping for some sort of explanation of the theological aspects of coffee? (There aren't any that I know of, btw.)

So far this blogging in the afternoon thing is working well, although I'm finding myself reluctant to shut the computer down at night, because I'm not going to turn it on until mid-morning. But that sounds like a problem that needed to be dealt with anyway! :P

I finished sewing my dress last night, but I haven't gotten any pictures of it yet, I'll try to post one tomorrow. I'm still not sure what I'm doing about the shrug, and it may be too cold next Sunday to wear the dress anyway. One of my friends was just saying that she didn't know what she was going to wear for Easter, and maybe we were old enough that we didn't need to have "Easter dresses". :) Well, I certainly agree with her on that...and if she's "old enough" I definitely am, since I'm three years older than her! I wasn't really planning this dress to be an "Easter dress", just a new dress, that I would wear the first time on Easter. I'm wondering where this whole Easter dress thing came from anyway? I'm going to have to see what I can find about this...how this all started. Because there does seem to be this sort of assumption that at least little kids have a new dress for Easter. But more on that tomorrow...

This ear thing is really getting annoying. It doesn't seem to be a sinus thing, because the past few days I haven't had a sinus headache, just this full, stuffy feeling in my ears. And the sinus medicine hasn't done anything when I've taken it. It's really annoying today, because I'm having trouble hearing things. :( I did some research online and I can't figure out what this is, other than just stuffy ears maybe from allergies, and I'll just have to wait for it to go away. We have two doctors in our church, so maybe if either of them are at prayer meeting tomorrow night, I'll see if they have any suggestions...and if they aren't there I'll see if my ears are still full on Sunday! I don't really want to go in to the doctor's office, because I'm not sure they'll be able to do anything anyway, and I'd probably end up catching this cold, or the flu that's been going around, both of which I've managed to avoid so far.

Want a chance to maybe try some coffee? This company in Florida is giving you a chance to be picked to be a "beta tester" for their coffee. Basically you just get some free coffee and your blog gets linked on their page, but hey, free coffee! So if you're a coffee-drinking blogger, or you know one, check it out: Joffrey's Java Apparently they're only picking 1,000 blogs, so not everyone who enters will get free coffee, but it's worth a try.

Hmm...what else is going on around here this week? Nothing I guess...so that's all for today.

Oh wait, I know what's going on, American Idol is on tonight....another show of Lennon/McCartney songs. Lovely. I hope they do better this week...maybe pick some better songs? When they were doing the group medley on the results show, there were several songs that certain contestants were singing really well. I wonder if they can sing any of the songs that were part of that, or do they not want to do them again? We shall see.

I guess since I don't have a shrug pattern figure out I will cross-stitch while I watch the show tonight. Or get a pattern figured out by then!


brlittle said...

Eustachian tube dysfunction.

If you're sneezing, you may have some allergies due to the increased tree pollens... try loratidine (generic for Claritin)... non-sedating and less drying to the nasal mucosa than other antihistamines.

Otherwise, try pseudoephedrine-- the real Sudafed from behind the pharmacy counter-- you'll have to sign for it, probably be fingerprinted, sign an affidavit you're not cooking meth, and register as a Republican... but it's a lot better than the phenylephrine that passes for Sudafed on the shelf.

Also, try a gentle valsalva. Pinch your nostrils shut, keep your mouth closed, and gently blow to pop your ears to clear the pressure.

If it persists, you may benefit from a nasal steroid (prescription required). Also, if you have any fever or pain, you may have an infection requiring antibiotics.

Hope this helps... you're on your own about the shrug pattern. :)

Beth said...

>>Hope this helps... you're on your own about the shrug pattern. :)

I would be a little...uh...concerned if you'd been able to help her with the shrug pattern. :)

Natalie said...

Or maybe I won't have to wait until Wednesday! Thank you, Mr. Little! :)

I will try those various things. I don't have a fever, I checked earlier because I thought I might have an ear infection.

Not much sneezing, so I guess I'll go with the Sudafed. We have the real kind...I just got some at Walgreens last Sunday. That other stuff just doesn't work!
I had to show my license, slide the debit card, sign my name...and tried not to look guilty while the pharmacist checked my ID. She even let me get the 96-count package instead of the 24! :p

What? No ideas about the shrug? :)

In other news, my blog commentors amuse me...

Seriously though, thanks for the advice, and I'm going to go take some sudafed.

Will said...

You shut your computer down when you're not using it? Maybe I am just weird, my computers are on 24/7 unless I am going out of town or something...

Natalie said...

With the horrific feeling that I'm cutting off contact with the outside world and losing my access to Google...yes.

This week, because if my computer was only asleep I'd be tempted to turn it on earlier. Before, I'd just shut it down once in a while because Dad said I should turn it off sometimes.

So, no, you're not weird! lol

Han said...

No one gets too old for a new Easter dress...I made one, too! And, by the way,I'll give you some coffee to try - Reformer's Roast. I bet it's better! =)

Natalie said...

Hannah, is your dress going to be warm enough to wear on Easter? :) I'm still thinking about it...I figure if I stay inside I should be fine! It's supposed to be in the mid-50s, but sunny.

Hey, yeah, I didn't get any coffee for Christmas...something about the Roths not liking coffee... I like coffee! :)

Han said...

Do you have a grinder? If you don't, we could grind it for you...and my dress is sleevless, too - but I'm going to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath it.

Natalie said...

No, I don't have a grinder...I think our blender is supposed to be able to grind coffee, but somehow I don't think that would work very well! :P

I guess I could wear a shirt under my dress...but it would probably look funny! :)

Han said...

How would it look funny...? I think you should...if it's weird, then that'll at least make two of us! =)

Natalie said...

Mainly because I don't think I have a shirt that goes with it! :D

Oh, and that coffee needs to be caffeinated! :P

Han said...

Do you have a cream colored shirt? Or maybe a light pink? I twould look very Eastery - I'm wearing purple.

Natalie said...

Hmm...no on the cream, I've got a white shirt that may or may not work! I'm just going to have to try a few things and see what works. Or maybe it will be warm enough, and I'll get my shrug done. :)

Btw, do you have an email address anymore? If you do, give it to me sometime.

Han said...

Yeah, I don't know what the deal is with the email thing...we're changing our internet services - and I don't know when that'll be finished. But I'll let you know!