Saturday, March 15, 2008

I had a smoothie for breakfast!

We got a blender last night! It's this one except it's red, and it was only $30 at Costco. I'm really liking red, shiny things. I think it's because I would have liked to have gotten one of those red ipod nanos, but they were going for too much even on ebay, so I ended up with the silver. But I've been wanting something red and metallic since then! :D Camera, blender, toaster...whatever. Yeah, Oster makes a red metallic toaster too. Pretty cool.

So Mom and I can have smoothies for breakfast again! Mom said this blender is quieter than our other one, but I couldn't really tell. My ears are all stuffed up again this morning so everything sounds very loud to me. :)

Well, it's Saturday, so I've got work to do!

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rebecca said...

Oooooh...very spiffy!